Our Toddler & Preschool Program (19mths – 6 years old)

The preschool years are foundation years where young children begin to embark on a journey of life-long learning which is crucial in their holistic development.Through pedagogical integrity and early years best practices, we  aspire to instill a disposition of passionate life-long learning in our children. 

Within our Curriculum Framework of 6 developmental domains, we strive to empower each child to be:

·   The Communicator (Language and Literacy Development)

·    The Intellectual Child (Cognitive Development)

·    The Socially-Responsible Individual (Self and Social Development)

·    The Kinesthetic Learner (Gross and Fine Motor Skills Development)

·    The 21st Century Advocator (Environmental Awareness and Discovery of the World)

·     The Creative Expressionist (Aesthetics and Creative Expression)     

Positive learning behaviours, attitudes and dispositions should accompany the development of a child. Hence, our pedagogy is built to encapsulate the acronym PRAISE (MOE's Curriculum Resource) :

·     Perseverance

·     Reflectiveness

·     Appreciation

·     Inventiveness

·     Sense of Wonder and Curiosity 

·      Engagement